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MSE Core Value

MSE is an organisation with a clear identity that is defined by its vision. The core values of MSE support our mission, shape our culture and reflect what our organisation stands for. Our organization main two vision one is this world and second is thereafter. We work on both sides. Just like we have required modern education on the basis of Best Quality and other side we should maintain our Religious values because we believe in thereafter so it’s also essentially for us. We celebrate FRIDAY as EID day and on this day our uniform indicates Religious values. In our education system we teach compulsory Religious Topics, for example, necessary Duane, Wuzu and Nemaz’s education.They are the essence of everything we believe in – they highlight the underlying competencies that make our network run efficiently. All across the MSE, our day-to-day operations and interactions reflect these core values as our diverse teams continue to uphold them in their conduct